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This is a recent testimonial from one of my “one to one” clients, Jonathon. Like many people he and his wife have started to make money online but have hit a glass ceiling, here is an abbreviated version of Jonathons testimonial:

Hi All,

jonathon-lakeToday I have had a Skype consultation with Marc.

Awesome!! and a massive Thank You must go to Marc, for his advice, ideas and vision.

When you work IN your Business full time, it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees! Talking to Marc made me realise that I was building a “monster” which I would not be able to escape from – not the freedom lifestyle that I had intended from the get go!!

There is an analogy which is widely taught about the flea in the glass jar who can only jump so high, and even if the glass jar is removed, he continues to jump to the same height. I am that flea!! Well, was until this morning. I realised that I had no system in place in my Business – it is pretty much a reactive Business. Buy products, sell products, buy more products, buy new products with the profits, make little ACTUAL money in the bank profits!!
Very much Mom and Pop without the bricks and mortar shop!!

I am now, as I write this, effectively going back to the drawing board and starting with a plain piece of paper and constructing a water tight plan and system. I am drilling down into my inventory to see what the ACTUAL profit margins are on EVERY product and have already come up with some ideas for some higher ticket products and also monthly recurring income ideas which have very little work involved.

Thank you Marc for being honest and telling it how it is – very refreshing.

The following are a selection of testimonials from my forex mentor program:



MARK, Australia, Feb 11, 2017
Brilliant service. One of the best forex organisations I have seen.
Excellent analysis and has helped me make over 23% gain for the month.
I will stress this is not the only information I use to trade but their system is spot on and I am very impressed so far with the site and people.
Well done
Adrian Boshoff, , South Africa, Jul 4, 2016
Thank you a million times for your coaching and mentoring.
I’ve been struggling with useless forex programs and strategies for over 10 years now, and I’m looking forward to actually LEARN from masters how to properly trade, and see a turn-around in my trading. I’m busy going through the vids and they are very informative and insightful, and after 10 years of stuffing around with forex, I have still learnt a lot from FMP and understanding the forex markets better. I am planning to demo trade until end of July and if all goes well (and I know with discipline from my side it surely will), throw in some real money and eventually start my successful trading career after 10 years.
God bless you guys for an honest service that you provide and a mighty fine job that you’re doing.
To you reading this, looking for a decent fx program / mentoring that will actually WORK, I have tried many many programs and cr** in the last 10 years. FORGET ABOUT TRYING TO AUTOMATE YOUR STRATEGY! Get FMP, learn everything there is to learn, make time daily to manually check and do what you have learnt, and you will be successful. Don’t throw away 10 years of your life like I did. Automatic and forex DO NOT GO TOGETHER! PERIOD! Trading is a job, that needs a human brain, and it is certainly worth it at the end of the day.
Happy trading!
forexandi, Cambridge, United Kingdom Dec 11, 2016

Turned my trading around

I have been trying to trade for many years, and have a personal deadline which I need to try and meet to be successful. I’ve tried lots of courses, systems, indicators and every other type of trading magic bullet that you can think of, but none of them have come close to Forex Mentor Pro. The one thing that it does teach you is that there is no overnight success in trading, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment. To some extent it also takes repetition and structure, something that Marc and his team are very good at providing. The regular webinars and trading sessions that are made available are extremely valuable and teach a level of discipline that you won’t see in many other areas, and the style of trading is also far more relaxed as they tend to focus on longer term charts.

I have to say had someone who almost gave up trying Marc has managed to turn my trading career around over the course of time of which I am extremely grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend, and personally I would recommend the lifetime membership, you certainly won’t regret it.

Cheers, Andi

Steve C, Durham, United Kingdom, Dec 9, 2015

Joined FMP in October and have found the content and blogs to be extremely helpful. The content is great, very clearly presented and these guys obviously know what they are doing.
I completed the training material and took on the M2 method.
Since then I have also joined the Fotis Trading Academy which is also run by Marc. This has opened my eyes even further and is a must if you want to trade seriously and profitably. Again the content and proprietary information and indicators provided are exceptional.
After listening and learning for three weeks I started to trade with their methods and in week one gained over 400 pips. Already 100 pips up on one trade this week!!
I cannot stress enough how valuable I have found FMP and then Fotis Trading Academy….
Thank you

Ken E, Colorado, USA, Aug 9, 2014

Trading Forex isn’t easy but the guys at Forex Mentor Pro have helped me become a better trader simply by following their trading techniques over time.

After a while you begin to adapt to their trading strategies and eventually you are like a youngster learning to ride a bike where you no longer need an adult to help make sure you don’t fall and can start riding yourself. In fact that is their goal to teach you well enough you can start trading on your own using strategies and techniques they teach. They give you an overview of the market through the week and give you ideas and explain why and where they may enter a trade however they don’t expect you to just blindly take the trade but review and make your own decisions.

If you ever have questions or need help they have an active forum you can engage in.

Marc and the rest of his team seem to be honest, straight shooting teachers that promote a no nonsense, low risk method of tackling the ever changing Forex market.

Eliza, , Belgium
Date of Post: 2013-11-26
Review: These guys are really into the business of trading no into the business of Marketing trading. Their material is clear , to the point and they teach you how to analyze the market and trade it profitably.
I would recommend the site to everyone.
AL, Phuket, Thailand
Date of Post: 2012-05-05
Review: The Real Deal. Another must for anyone serious about becoming a trader. Member for over two years. One of the Best forums on the net. Definately not a scam. Very good deal. Again another Must for the serious trader.
fatimah, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Date of Post: 2011-12-31
Review: I have been a member for a couple of months now and find that FMP has helped me alot in understanding forex, how to make pips and cut losses. The seniors and the members in the forums are very helpful in helping me to understand the systems available in FMP. I should have found it years ago but I believe it is better late than sorry.
Damien Pearce, Melbourne, Australia
Date of Post: 2011-12-11
Review: Been a FMP member for 8 months and the support and information they provide is great. Even with all the volatility in the markets I have been able to make a fair bit of money applying some of Marc’s strategies.They have a great archive of material, if you are serious about learning the ropes and getting your trading into shape it takes a long while to study but you come out on the other side really knowing the markets and how to trade.
Jack Hudson, North Carolina, USA
Date of Post: 2013-09-06
Review: If you’re new to trading Forex and are hungry to learn, you recognize by now the internet is littered with everyone selling systems,methods and various forms of training.

And If you’ve been navigating these shark infested waters determined to make a go of it, you recognize by now you are going to need some guidance, and that you will likely have to invest some money in getting an education so you can start in your new Forex ” Business”.

Well if you fit the above description I have wonderful news for you, and it is what I recently discovered at

This is some of the most well structured,clearly explained step by step training on Forex trading I’ve found anywhere,and I have spent countless hours researching such things both here at Forex Peace Army and elsewhere.

I’ve paid more than double for far less value than these gentleman are giving you here, and I’m impressed they have structured this business model in such a way that you don’t have to drain your bank as a member while learning to trade.

Here you will find foundational learning, tools you will need to structure your business,along with expert training on several trading systems you could learn or even decide from the beginning which one would best suit your style of trading.(Swing,Trend,etc.)

All of this you can take at your own pace which really helps if your like me, working a full time job while learning to trade.

Additionally, they have forums within the membership where you can interact with others who are on various legs of the journey from beginner to expert.

Add to that daily and weekly overall guidance on the markets from mentors who themselves are trading.This is designed to help with the learning curve and narrow your focus, giving you the best chance for success if your disciplined and committed.

You will also learn from them to eliminate the common errors that cause far to many to fail in this business.

I’ve narrowed things down myself in this new learning of the Forex markets and knew already which way I wanted to take my trading. I was delighted that these men were in the exact same vein I wanted to be in, but for far less than I would have paid and extremely well structured.

They strike me as men of the highest integrity, evidenced by the fact that they will even allow you to try the membership for seven full days free without even requiring ANY payment information.

Try finding that anywhere on the internet.


The following gentleman Omar Eltoukhy originally joined us as a founder member in 2008. By 2011 he had quit his day job, was trading full time for a living and for the last 5 years has been mentoring others, so PROOF that YOU can do this too 

Omar-Pic4Hi Dean & Marc

I finished yet another stellar week in forex thanks to you.

I closed last week +950 pips!

That’s after Week 1 in Feb +650 pips, Week 2 in Feb +775 pips!

I have tripled my account this month and just wanted to say a big thanks and your drink that I owe you has now become the size of a swimming pool!

Omar – Texas


daveI just wanted to says thanks for the great service.On the GBP moves last week, I was able to capture 140 pips on the GBP/USD as per your advice. (Got out before the fall) AWESOME!!! Even more AWESOME is the fact that I am now beginning to see potential low risk trades on my own.

I was able to make 250 pips(with a relatively small stop loss for this pair, (50 pips) on the GBP/JPY fall on Friday.

Again, thanks for the great service you provide, as it is most certainly one of the most valuable tools I have come across, as far as bang for the buck and in the sense that it is a real teaching tool that has enabled me to see great low risk trades.

Keep it up.




Hands down, this is the REAL DEAL!

Not only is the this a complete A to Z instruction and analysis on HOW to implement the systems, it is also a phenomenal educational resource “BY traders FOR traders”.

Dean and Marc demystify the Forex Markets like no one else I’ve ever seen. The LMT system is bar none one the very BEST on the market (if not THE best).

I love the new Trader’s Blog hosted by Marc. His daily insightful commentary on what he sees and the trades he’s going to take (and WHY) are priceless.

Think about it… this guy is actually telling you what he’s going to do! Hello?.

In all my years of wading through worthless Forex dribble, scammers and ridiculous “Robot Garbage”, this is THE last stop on my Forex journey – period!

If you can’t become a successful Forex trader through Forex Mentor Pro with the expert professional commentary provided by these seasoned and successful traders, do yourself a favour and just STOP trading.

This is it folks, YOUR Forex success formula has just arrived!

Derrick – USA 


I have been a member with fmp for 4 months now and i find the mentor service to be the best investment i could have made.

I think marc walton must have some kind of magic ball that tells him where to place his trades because he always seems to be right on the money.

Anyone who is not a member of this mentor service is really missing out as everything you need it has. Marc posts a video of what trades he plans to take the following the day and why. i mean that alone is worth over $100 a month. The learning material you receive with the service is amazing and they keep on adding and trying to help the members grow as forex traders.

Anyone not sure about joining this service you really missing out!

If you serious about trading forex then you have come to the right place. all it takes is patience, perseverance and a little bit of hard work.

im loving this mentor program and will be with them as long as they around.

Thanks for all your great work.

Shafiek, south africa 


I have been a member of FMP for 3 months now , I have to recommend Marc and Dean for this program . Having spent hundreds of dollars on so called robots that are a complete waste of time and money (as you probably know by now ), and so called gurus who charge 1000`s dollars for rubbish courses.

It is so refreshing nowadays to hear guys so honest and down to earth like Marc and Dean. For the first time in 3 years i am now making a profit from Forex! Thank you both so much for teaching an old dog how to bark.

Best course on the net by far!

George – England 


Marc and Deans Forexmentorpro has to be the one product that has helped me click in understanding and trading the fx markets.

I am a fairly eager and impatient person and these guys teach and mentor weekly on how to tame those impulses of wanting to take every trade set up I see and when to walk away on big news days such as NFP fridays.

In particular, one of last weeks emails taught us how to avoid losing trades.

It really hit home to me and made it easier for me to identify whether i should be taking a trade after doing a quick analysis on lower timeframes.

I have already blown one account due to mindset difficulties (wanting revenge on the market) but since being with FXmentorpro, the invaluable and endless education, plus the simple goal of 100 pips a week has allowed me to keep my head composed and also given me a lot more free time once i have achieved these goals for the week!

My second account has now doubled in 8 weeks and i have only had one losing week out of eight. 

For any newbies. This is the best site i have found!

Joel, Australia 


I have been trading forex for over 3 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars for robot’s/EA’s, courses, systems, etc.. I would have been better of giving those dollars to a good charity.

I finally found a couple of individual’s who know how to trade successfully and for a minimal fee.

I must say that Marc Walton and Dean Saunders at Forex MentorPro have been outstanding in their training and willingness to teach new and seasoned traders how to trade successfully. If you are just getting involved with Forex or if you are a “seasoned veteran” and still struggle with profitability, you would be VERY WISE in signing up with these guys.

There is something to be said about trading alongside someone who really understands technical analysis and who is very thorough yet very understandable. I felt like Marc was my trading partner the whole time I was involved with Forex MentorPro. I spent 6 months fine-tuning my skills from a true Forex Pro. If you want to learn how to trade the Forex markets in a safe, conservative yet profitable matter you WILL NOT find a better place to go.

Please don’t waste your money elsewhere. You don’t have to spend hundred’s of dollars per month to learn to trade, although learning from Marc would be well worth that.

The fee Marc and Dean charge is peanuts for the knowledge, insight and wisdom you will learn if you put your mind to it.

Don’t be one of the 98% who come and go in the Forex industry. Let Marc and Dean teach you their methods to make money while preserving your capital!

William – USA 


This is the real deal. Out of all the forex scams out there, there does exist an honest and effective service. And it is cheap! I just left a service that was $497 per month (that hated news and candles…if you have been here…you know who I’m talking about) ….and this is such a refreshing site.

Marc is actually honest. Plus no paid testamonials, no crap, no upselling and so on. It sounds too good to be true, BUT it is real. After following his blogs for a few weeks, I decided to drop all my previous indicators and ideas and give his systems a go with an open mind. After now using them, I don’t want to go back to my old stuff.

Plus, the direction Marc gives is excellent. He gives you a daily forecast and you go from there.

The next day he reviews what happened and you just repeat that each day. And again he is honest…he doesn’t hide if a trade went wrong, but I can tell you from experience his systems have for more probabilty of gains than losses.

I’m glad I’m not trying to compete with him, (sorry old service) but feel very blessed that I was referred to this service.

Regardless of your experience level, there is something for everyone here.

Thank You Marc!!!