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Free Forex Training Course 2

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Free Forex Training Course 2

Free Forex Training Course 2

Hi, I would just like to let everybody know that I have released a brand new 100% Free Forex Training course at my 5* rated, low cost forex site.

I was paid to make the course for a client who intended to use it in a project that he intended to sell for $199, but unfortunately he never finished it.

As a result the course was sat on my hard drive gathering dust so I decided it to share it, completely free of charge, with folks who are new or intermediate level forex traders. It is a very simple, complete forex trading strategy which focuses on the important forex basics, like support and resistance, fibonacci levels and so forth and will help you no matter which forex strategy you use.

Why am I giving it away? There are a lot of sharks in forex who will sell you “wonder systems” that either work for a very short period of time (long enough for the cheque to clear) and there are a lot of people who waste money coming into forex who ultimately decide its not for them. So, if you simply want to test drive forex and decide its not for you then its no cost to you, no loss to me.

On the other hand, if you decide you like the way I teach then you may decide at a later date to join my low cost forex mentor service or really go for it and join my in depth professional traders course.

Here is a short video (just over a minute long)! I made a few years ago explaining my struggles in my early days and here is the link if you would like to access the free forex training course AND a free copy of my 60 page ebook “How to Trade Forex” CLICK HERE To Get Started

To your forex success


Marc Walton

Free Forex Training Course