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About Marc Walton

About Marc Walton

Marc Walton

Marc Walton is most well known as a professional, home based forex trader & mentor. However he also mentors & coaches business owners and those looking to create a business and add additional sources of income.

Marc has over 30 years experience creating & running offline and online businesses and now coaches others to achieve their financial goals.

As Marc says “With the current financial melt down and particularly understandable fears over pension payments, even for retired government employees, now, more than anytime in the last 150 years people need to look after their own financial future.

Unless they can quickly learn how to be financially astute.The hard working middle classes are the ones who will end up paying for the current crisis caused by greedy bankers and ineffective politicians. The rich will continue to prosper because they have the financial knowledge and know how to keep playing the same old game.”

Marc came from a poor working class background. he started his first business aged 21 with no financial help or experience. He sold his 3rd and final offline business when he hit the big 4 0, & retired to the beautiful, sunny Canary Islands.

Marc Walton 20 years offline Business Experience

  • Marc has experience of creating businesses with little or no money
  • 1981 Created first business, selling business equipment on sale or return.
  • 1986 started a very successful pizza business in York
  • 1991 Expensive divorce and financial mistakes meant lost nearly everything
  • 1991 – 1993 Drove a truck for less than minimum wage whilst seeking custody of children from first marriage
  • 1994 – WIth the help of a friend started a pizza/frozen food business, employees one! Turnover $35.000 per year
  • 2000 Business had grown to 20+ employees & sub contractors and $3.5 million sales, “A good friend dropped dead from a heart attack which made me look closely at my own lifestyle. I was sick of the usual growing business hassle, tired of government interference, health & safety legislation, labour laws, so I sold it. My friends thought I was mad, but I have never regretted the decision and the last 17 years have been much more fun.”
  • 200 – 2001 business consultant and property investor and developer to create income for retirement

Marc Walton Internet Marketing Experience

  • 2001 Emigrated to live in the Canary Islands with his wife wife & 4 children
  • 2002 – 2003 Wrote songs, articles and sang and played guitar
  • 2002 Soon discovered that he needed to earn a lot more money than anticipated (retirement costs more than when you are working if you want to maintain the same standard of living), started experimenting with the internet & numerous get rich quick schemes, all flopped! Started trading forex, badly!
  • 2004 finally started to make money online trading currencies (forex) but it was NOT easy
  • 2004 1st website in weight loss field (BAD idea) made ZERO sales in a year
  • 2007 More websites, still spending a fortune on “How to Guru’s”- sales = “not a lot.”
  • 2008 started first forex website & started to make $$$ from affiliate sales “waking up on a morning to see how much money I had made whilst I was in bed was an awesome feeling, my best “single nights work” that year was $600 in sales”.
  • 2008 Qualified as Spanish FA futsal coach
  • 2009 – Present day: Primary source of income is trading forex and mentoring others via various websites:
  • 2012 formed a professional trading academy with pro trader & fund manager Fotis Papatheofanous MBA:

Marc Walton 2017

  • Managing partner of a fund and trading academy
  • Is partner in a number of businesses including a webdesign service and google search specialists
  • Director of various companies
  • Marc makes a substantial income trading forex (foreign currencies)
  • He has been coaching & mentoring small to mid sized business owners and start ups for 10 years
  • He outsources all jobs. No physical employees, no social security payments, no labour laws, no holiday pay, no hassle!
  • He has a property portfolio & is currently still looking to buy in carefully selected areas.
  • Investing & advising (NOT a a registered adviser) on alternative forms of investments, currently yielding big returns
  • Members of his mentor group have seen returns of over 40% in the last year alone

Marc is occasionally available for one-to-one business coaching.

  • If you need a mentor, someone who has a wealth of business experience to guide you to your own financial independence then get in touch
  • Its a lonely job running a business, often an experienced outsider can offer you help and advice simply because they are not involved and can help you to see the “bigger picture”
  • If you are interested in being successful online with an ethical, spam free business but don’t know where to start
  • If you have a product but don’t have any customers or don’t know how to sell it online
  • Want to add a website for an existing offline business AND be found in google
  •  go to the contact page and arrange your free 20 minute initial consultation. This is designed to see whether you  & Marc believe that he can help you achieve your goals
Thanks for visiting the website, best wishes for your future,
Marc Walton